Monday, April 5, 2010

A new reason to love bathtime

Looking for a warm, comforting, and stress-free bathing experience for your newborn? The Original TummyTub is a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that eases baby’s transition from a familiar, safe place to an unknown world. Increasingly used in hospital nurseries across the country, this alternative to the standard baby bath makes bath time stress-free for babies and parents alike!

A few Reasons Organic Baby Gift Boutique loves the Tummy Tub:

*Warmth.. This is the key to making bath time happy and finally there is a way to achieve it! The TummyTub keeps baby upright and covered in warm water up to shoulder level instead of lying in a puddle of water on his back. The high sides of the tub keep warmth in around baby’s head, and the smaller water surface maintains the warm temperature for a good 20 minutes.

*Safety.. The proven safety of the TummyTub also makes it the best choice for babies. Available since 1996, there have been no accidents or injuries reported by the millions of TummyTub users worldwide! Unlike a household bucket, it has an anti-skid base and low center of gravity to prevent the tub from tipping over, is produced from completely toxin-free baby-friendly materials, and was designed without any sharp edges to harm the baby’s skin. Not to mention the curved bottom fully supports baby’s body and there is no handle to injure fingers. The TummyTub has passed every safety regulation from around the world, and is CPSIA compliant in the US .

*Quality.. The TummyTub is the original patented upright baby bath tub used in Europe by millions of babies. Designed by a Dutch mother in conjunction with midwives, pediatricians, ob-gyns, and nurses, extensive planning and testing went into the development of the TummyTub. It has also won prestigious awards around the world for its innovative and effective design, and has been featured on national television programs such as the Today Show, Fox & Friends, and The Doctors. Endorsed by healthcare professionals from around the globe, the TummyTub is truly the best invention for babies in decades!

*Value.. The TummyTub is a multiple purpose product that provides incredible value for the price! For the first 6 months of life, the TummyTub is a gentle means of relaxing your baby beyond just practical bathing. It eliminates having to invest in a bacteria absorbing foam cushion for your newborn, followed by a bulky, uncomfortable infant tub, and then an often unsafe and difficult to use toddler bath ring. The TummyTub is the only bath tub required from newborn through toddlerhood! Being in an upright position and able to sit, babies are content to stay in the TummyTub much longer than the average 6-7 months they can stay flat on their back in an infant tub.

*Green.. The TummyTub conserves water- requiring only 1.3 gallons of water on average, approx. 2 1/2 gallons less than conventional baby baths. It saves energy- with the smaller surface space, water stays warmer longer and less energy is required to heat the water. Made out of eco-friendly materials, the TummyTub is fully recyclable. It is incredibly durable and has many uses beyond a tub. The TummyTub can be used as toy storage, an ice bucket, a planter, washing the car, a toy…possibilities are endless!

*Therapeutic.. From crying to calm in seconds! The TummyTub goes beyond just a practical bath tub and provides amazing health benefits for babies suffering from gas and colic, and extra reassurance to premature babies who left the womb too early. Covered in warm water in the comfortable fetal position babies are relieved of pain and able to completely relax and de-stress. Used in combination with massage it helps stimulate proper digestion and eliminates gas. The TummyTub works wonders during those fussy periods in the evening to calm babies down. It is also the perfect tub for diaper rash soaking and a little peppermint or lavender oil will help clear baby’s sinuses from a cold.

Please check out the videos on how to best use the Tummy Tub.

Live Well and Be Healthy!


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